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The photography for Alessandro Ferrini

In a very casual way, in 1986, I purchased my first camera. I knew nothing about these objects or about photographic technique. In that period I worked in the field of wood.
The passion for the photo, the technique, the image exploded in me in a strong and unexpected way and as a self-taught person. I started to develop this hobby that occupied a lot of my leisure time.
When a flood in 1994 damaged seriously my activity, I decided to undertake the professional activity of photographer.
I didn't know what I would have photographed; my idea was to take photos for the companies, for the book trade, to realize postcards. So I began my professional way, with all the difficulties and uncertainties that a new activity implies, but a strong firmness accompanied me in my new trip.
Today I am very satisfied of this professional choice. I work mainly for the companies; I succeed in satisfying their most different requirements. I also make services of other kind: art, show, ceremonies. Sometimes I also return to my first dilettante passion: the landscape. Surely this kind of images realized in the years has been the starting point to realize this great web site on the Casentino, Tuscan area in the province of Arezzo.

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