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Casentino Tuscany

Casentino Tuscany

Texts and photos of Alessandro Ferrini
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Through a thousand photos by Alessandro Ferrini, the relative explanations and the short texts of its pages, represents a great and complete guide of the Casentino, a little known area if compared to the beauties that it can offer us.
The Casentino is a narrow and secret valley in the east part of Tuscany, between Arezzo and Florence. Here you can find beautiful medieval small villages, imposing castles, particularly interesting churches for their architectures and for the valuable art of various periods in them preserved.
The web site will lead you to the discovery of Poppi, Bibbiena, Pratovecchio, Stia and all the other centres of Casentino, also the small and little known ones in the mountain. It will lead you to Camaldoli and La Verna, highly spiritual places. It will show you suggesting landscape foreshortenings of the valley and unusual naturalistic aspects.
This web site is also a guide to where to lodge and to refresh in Casentino, to the typical handicraft products and local food shops.


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