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Casentino, a “secret” valley in Tuscany

I say hallo to you from the Casentino, a beautiful Tuscan valley. I am Alessandro Ferrini, a professional photographer. I live in the Casentino, I love the Casentino, I mostly work for the companies of the Casentino.
I have by now several thousands of photos that illustrate the landscape, the nature, the art, the town architecture and the folklore of the Casentino. Hence the idea to realize a web site that becomes a great guide of this area.
The Casentino is placed in the east part of Tuscany, a well-known Italian region. The cities of art, the typical landscape and the coasts of Tuscany don't need certainly my photos to become known. Every year from every part of the world millions of tourists come to see the sea and the coasts of the Maremma, “le crete” of Siena, the landscape and the small towns of the Chianti area, places of art as Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Pisa, Lucca, Cortona, Volterra, San Gimignano and others. Only a few of these visitors knows that in Tuscany, not too far away from Arezzo and Florence, there is a valley, the Casentino, that is worth visiting for its landscape, architectural and artistic beauties.
Therefore I would like to think and to hope that this big work can contribute to a greater fame of the Casentino, a Tuscan valley in the province of Arezzo with an important history, the first land flown by the Arno, “... un fiumicel che nasce in Falterona” (Dante, Purgatorio, canto XIV).

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