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In a Tuscan land with an ancient history as the Casentino, it can’t miss settled traditions, moments of folklore, cultural events or events of other kind.
Town administrations and local tourist offices propose interesting activities tied to foodstuffs and to the craftsmanship of the Casentino, fairs devoted to typical local dishes, cultural and show moments. Among the demonstrations of great call it is to remember the show of the wrought iron and the carnival of Stia; the show of the wooden products and that of the tastes of the Casentino in Pratovecchio; the show of the dressed stone and the representation of the Passion of Christ in Strada in Casentino. Many people also flow to the "Gusto dei Guidi" in the historical centre of Poppi, demonstration devoted to the good wine. In July and August there is "Parish churches and castles in music", a series of concerts and shows organized by the Comunità Montana del Casentino in particularly meaningful places of the valley. It is besides to remember the strong activity of the Foundation Giuseppe and Adele Baracchi. Born in 1995 it has promoted and promotes several activities of cultural and social character with the purpose to valorise the local patrimony and the human resources.

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