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Beauties of Tuscany near the Casentino

The valley of the Casentino shows us amenities from the landscape, artistic and architectural point of view, so to be interesting for a long time to the tourist visiting it. But if you are in this area and you would like to visit other aspects of Tuscany, you can reach particularly known places of Tuscany within a few kilometres.
The Casentino is placed in the province of Arezzo, so close to this city that can be the destination of an interesting tourist visit. From Arezzo, crossing the Valdichiana and passing through beautiful centres as Castiglion Fiorentino, Monte San Savino, Lucignano, Foiano, you can reach Cortona, a few kilometers away from Lago Trasimeno. A town set on a hill, artistically very rich, among the most beautiful places of the centre of Italy from an architectural point of view.
From Arezzo and Cortona you can quickly reach Siena. From the Casentino, through the Passo della Consuma, in less than a hour by auto you arrive to Florence. These last two cities don't certainly need a presentation.
Along the road Della Consuma, a deviation leads to Vallombrosa, a place of faith whose ancient monastery is certainly worth visiting.
The photographic gallery of this page offers you some pictures of the above mentioned Tuscan places.

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