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La Verna
La Verna, a Franciscan Sanctuary in Tuscany

The Holy Stone of La Verna appears you unmistakable from the whole valley of the Casentino. Once you arrive near it, the cliff, at whose apex the Franciscan Sanctuary was built, appears you particularly suggesting. It is the so-called Cliff of the Stigmates.
In this place Francesco of Assisi received the Stigmates in September 1224. From that moment La Verna has become a dipped, mystical and fascinating place of spirituality.
La Verna, a rocky “tooth” that escapes from marvellous woods of beech trees and fir trees, woods that frame the whole Sanctuary.
In a few lines it is neither certainly possible to describe a place as La Verna, nor communicate its mystical nature, its charm, the complexity and the beauty of its architectural structure, the refinement of its works of art, the unbelievable panoramas that it can offer. I hope that the 45 images inserted in this page succeed in telling you the beauties and the emotions that this holy place in Tuscany offers you.
It is however right to list some of the points of greater interest of this holy mountain: the Church of Santa Maria of the Angels, first church of the place; the Basilica Maggiore realized between the XV and the XVI century; the Corridor of the Stigmates, the cave called “the bed of San Francesco”; the Chapel of the Stigmates, the spectacular passage on the precipice of the cliff, the suggesting Sasso Spicco. La Verna is also a place of art. In particular it is rich in refined terracottas of Della Robbia. In the basilica you find the Annunciation, a masterpiece of Andrea Della Robbia.
You can find a lot of other forms of art and so many holy objects or of daily use of the convent in the seven rooms of the Museum of La Verna reopened in 2002.

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