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Montemignaio in the Casentino - Tuscany

Montemignaio is one of the smallest villages of the Casentino, small but rich in naturalistic, architectural and artistic beauties.
You can quickly reach Montemignaio through the Footstep La Consuma. Before reaching the village, on the left you meet the crossroads leading to the Oratory of the Madonna delle Calle, a place of strong devotional interest for the inhabitants of the area.
The village, of medieval origin, extends on a wide mountain area and it can be subdivided in three principal nucleuses: the Castle, the Parish Church and the Saint. The Castle with its walls and, one kilometre lower, the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta: both of them go back to the XII century and (they) represent the reasons of great historical and cultural interest of the area. Montemignaio is surrounded by a splendid nature that invites you to wonderful excursions. You can climb toward the Secchieta Mountain crossing marvellous beechwoods. From up here, where three huge shovels have been installed to exploit the wind energy, you can enjoy unbelievable panoramas and (you can) successively reach Vallombrosa or, in the opposite direction, the Pratomagno. Leaving Montemignaio in direction Casentino, you meet on the left the indication for an ancient stone bridge. It is a few dozen metres from the road, a short walk that will allow you to admire, besides the bridge, the beautiful underlying stream.

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