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The jewel of the Casentino is surely Poppi, whose castle is the symbol of the valley.
It is a medieval suburb placed on the top of a hill and the Castle of the Conti Guidi controls the village and a large part of this Tuscan valley. This castle dates back to the XIII century and it is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the whole province of Arezzo. The most interesting and suggesting things to be seen indoor are the Library Rilliana that preserves 25,000 ancient volumes, the saloon of the parties, the chapel of the Conti Guidi decorated by fourteenth-century frescoes attributed to Taddeo Gaddi.
Another important tourist destination in Poppi is the Abbey of San Fedele. Besides its imposing architectural structure dating back to the XIII century, you can appreciate the valuable works of art here preserved, first of all a Madonna with Child of end 1200. Interesting to be visited there are also the church devoted to the Saints Marco and Lorenzo and the Oratory of the Madonna del Morbo, a building with a hexagonal plant of the XVII century. The whole village is worth visiting carefully however, thanks to its architecture and to the panoramic foreshortenings on the Casentino enjoyable from here.
In Ponte a Poppi, the Church of Certomondo and the convent of the Monks Cappuccini are worth visiting.
Of great interest it is also the territory of the village of Poppi and the centres inside it. First of all Camaldoli (that has a proper section in this site) as place of faith and point of cultural and naturalistic interest, the mountain tourist station Badia Prataglia with its beautiful and ancient abbey, the characteristic fractions of Quota, Lierna and Moggiona.
Near Poppi you can find a beautiful golf course with panorama on the village.

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