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The Massif of the Pratomagno comes close in its taller points the 1600 meters of altitude and it is well recognisable for its famous iron cross placed in the tallest point of the mountain and visible both from the Casentino and from the Valdarno, the two first valleys of Tuscany crossed by the Arno.
The word Pratomagno discloses by itself the principal characteristic of this place: a very long and great lawn entirely crossing its ridge.
The slopes of the Pratomagno are covered by thick woods of oak-tree, chestnut tree, beech tree and fir tree.
Characteristic small villages with an ancient history are set among these woods; water courses come down the mountain and offer you unexpected and suggesting naturalistic foreshortenings.
The lawns, or the ridge of the Pratomagno, appear with different scenographies according to the light and season change: the soft green scattered with so many kinds of flowers in spring, rich yellow in summer, the warm colours in autumn, the snow and the transparency of the air in winter. It is really in this season, when there is more sharpness, that the Pratomagno offers you unbelievable panoramas, breathtaking dawns and sunsets.
The Pratomagno is a very good place for mushroom or other fruits of wood seekers, for whom, alone or in company, want to escape a few hours from the chaotic environments of the city.

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