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Talla in the Casentino - Tuscany

The Municipality of Talla, in Tuscany, was founded in 1808. Its chief town, Talla, developed in the XVII and XVIII centuries. Then you can define it as a “young” village.
Talla is a small and pleasant village set on the road connecting the Casentino to the Valdarno. It offers an orderly architecture, a pleasant historical centre, a beautiful and important seventeenth-century church and so much green area around itself. The symbol of Talla is with no doubt the little church of the Castellaccia. It is set on the top of a cliff close to the village and it is surely the thing that strikes you more arriving in Talla.
The matter about the territory of the village mostly extending on the south slopes of the Pratomagno is quite different. If the village of Talla is “young”, all the mountain hamlets of Pontenano, Capraia, Faltona and Bagnena have an ancient history to tell you and in medieval age all of them were fortified. The ruins of Badia Santa Trinita, the first monastery to be erected in the Casentino around 960, and the suggesting Ponte di Sasso on the splendid stream Capraia let you understand how much historical and cultural importance this area had in the past. The territory of Talla is then an unimaginable mine of extraordinary naturalistic situations and in this sector it offers much more compared to many other emblem villages of the Casentino. Woods of beech tree and chestnut tree, water courses that come down the Pratomagno and the lawns of this same mountain invite you to unforgettable excursions.
The photo gallery of this page will make you understand very well what this less known area of the Casentino can offer you.

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