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Camaldoli in the Forests of the Casentino in Tuscany

Camaldoli, a place of high spirituality, is absorbed in the beautiful nature of the National Park of the Forests of the Casentino in Tuscany. Camaldoli, its Holy Hermitage, its Monastery are also places with an ancient history and places of art.
The actual Hermitage of Camaldoli was founded in 1012 by San Romualdo, a Benedictine monk.
At the hermitage of Camaldoli, you have to visit the Cell of San Romualdo and the Church with its two characteristic bell towers on the fašade. The inside of this, in Baroque style, is embellished by beautiful works of art (see photo). The whole environment of the hermitage is very suggesting, in particular the area of the cells, closed to the public, but easy to see.
Downstream you find the Monastery of Camaldoli. Here you have to see the inside cloisters, particularly that one of Maldolo, the ancient pharmacy and the Church devoted to the Saints Donato and Ilariano. Its inside is in Baroque style and seven sixteenth-century tables of the great painter of Arezzo George Vasari are here preserved.
Camaldoli is not only history, art, faith. Camaldoli is also so much nature. The Hermitage and the Monastery, as already said, are placed in the heart of the National Park of the Forests of the Casentino. Fascinating, suggesting, mysterious forests. Forests created and well-tended in the centuries by the same monks and where it is possible to make several excursions.
Camaldoli in the Casentino is a point of reference for the religious tourism, but also for a tourism bent on art and nature. But Camaldoli is also an agricultural firm and at Villa Mausolea, in Soci, you can buy good products, particularly meat and wine.

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