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Parco Foreste Casentinesi

The Forests of the Casentino in Tuscany

The Forests of the Casentino, today a National Park, represent an extraordinary example of nature in Tuscany. They are on the slopes of the Casentino of the Apennines chain. In this naturalistic area you find several mountain centres. Among these two religious places of world fame: Camaldoli and La Verna. You cannot talk about the National Park of the Forests of the Casentino without talking about La Verna and Camaldoli, about their cultural, artistic and religious aspects.
However I don't want to diminish the beautiful naturalistic aspects of this corner in Tuscany: the Forests of the Casentino. Here several kinds of woods offer you during the year unbelievable chromatic variations. At times the thick vegetation suddenly opens giving you wide lawns and breathtaking panoramic foreshortenings. The National Park of the Forests of the Casentino is rich in fauna.
From the photographic point of view I have never devoted myself with particular constancy to this area; I have never devoted myself to the photos of the animals (photographic hunting). Inevitably in time I have taken some photos; with some of them I realized the photographic gallery of this page. I hope it is enough to give an idea of what the park is, of the beauties that the nature of the Forests of the Casentino in Tuscany can offer you.

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