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Pratovecchio in the Casentino - Tuscany

The territory of the Municipality of Pratovecchio in the Casentino (Tuscany) can offer you countless aspects of high tourist interest. The Castle of Romena and the Parish Church of Romena would be enough to make this area to be important, but this land of the northern Casentino can show you much more.
The village of Pratovecchio itself shows you a beautiful architecture: the towers on the medieval boundary walls of the village, the beautiful “Piazza Vecchia” and the suburbs adorned by the characteristic parvises are an example of this beautiful architecture. Pratovecchio is rich in art; particularly remarkable the medieval art preserved in the provostship of the SS. Nome di Gesù, in the monasteries of the nuns of Camaldoli and of the Dominican nuns, in the near Badia a Poppiena. A beautiful work of art of end fourteenth-century devoted to Jesus’ Passion is preserved in the small and ancient church of Valiana, some kilometres away from Pratovecchio.
You have also to visit the hamlets of this municipality: Casalino, Lonnano, Ama, Campolombardo, all of them absorbed in the green of the Casentino. From Castelcastagnaio, on the road toward the Footstep la Consuma, you can enjoy a wide panorama on the Casentino.
The naturalistic aspect of the territory of Pratovecchio is not secondary. In the surrounding area of Romena, Ama, San Donato a Brenta and along the road of La Consuma wide and green lawns create an extraordinary environment. The municipality extends also toward Camaldoli entering the National Park of the Forests of the Casentino, difficult areas to describe: here the natural environment becomes art, poetry.

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